The first motor oil distributor in Azerbaijan


Since 1994, Premium Liquids has been the leading motor oil distributor in Azerbaijan. We've over 1,000 B2B clients all across the country, providing top-quality products. With almost 30 years of experience and a dedicated team, we've become a trusted partner, helping our clients grow their businesses and satisfy their customers with high-quality products.

In 1995 Premium Liquids LLC became the first exclusive distributor of Mobil in the Qafqaz region. (Left: Ayaz Mirzayev getting Mobil exclusive distribution certificate from Kaan Ceylan)


Our successful distribution of Mobil gained the attention of Castrol executives. Impressed by our professionalism. Castrol offered us a partnership in 1997, we became the exclusive distributor of Castrol, and in less than a year, Castrol was the most distributed lubricant brand in Azerbaijan.


We have also distributed many global brands including Repsol, Eurolub, Eurol, and Delfin group products, moreover, we also work together with our competitors.

Over the years


Premium Liquids became the exclusive distributor of Mitasu oil, right now it's one of the most popular lubricant brands in Azerbaijan.

We are the exclusive distributor of Eiffel Lubricants, offering our clients high-quality products they can sell with confident.



Today, we proudly maintain the largest B2B client portfolio in Azerbaijan. It is our priority to continue the tradition of providing our clients with products they can confidently sell and ensuring seamless delivery and support across the entire country. The trust our clients place in us is a source of great pride, as they are considered part of our extended family.

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